On behalf of the Guilden Morden Parish Council, welcome to the Guilden Morden parish website. — Chairman, Cllr Barry Holme.


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District Council elections will take place on Thursday 5th May 2016.
Notice of Election

Fewer than 9 applicants for the role of Parish Councillor there will be no elections. Further, there are 2 vacancies on the Parish Council to be filled.
If you wish to be considered please contact the Parish Clerk.

In order to be eligible to vote in these elections and the EU Referendum, you must be registered on the electoral roll by 18th April. Use this link to register https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote



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Cambridgeshire budget cuts - Have your say

The County Council has to cut its budget by £100 million over the next 5 years and is consulting residents. This presentation [
Members seminar attachment] shows the cuts are likely to affect adult care, support for younger people, highways, libraries, education and many other areas. 

You can have your say on where the cuts will be made or whether you would prefer an increase in council tax here by completing the survey [HERE https://www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/challenge],  where there is also information on how you can make small changes which will help to save a lot of money, for example if everyone reduced the amount in their black bin by 1 kilo per week would save £1million in landfill tax each year.

If you would like a paper copy  of the survey form call 01223 715 300 or write to  SH1012 Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP


Who to contact in case of flooding, and riparian owner responsibilities




Fostering recruitment - WE NEED YOU ..to make a difference


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