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Save the Chapel!

A dramatic headline maybe, but a true one.
The Congregational Chapel is independent and as such has to fund itself. This includes running costs and paying the stipend of the Minister.

We have had to eat into our reserves by over 25% to repair the building and to make it fit for purpose.
We want it to be a building that has uses for all members of the community, and we are doing what we can to make the best use of the space, including setting up a café area that is also suitable for small meetings and children’s groups (it now has a soft floor).
Many of these repairs were necessary because of the tarmacking of the Twitchell, which did not take into account the drainage issues causing damp to permeate the building eating away at floors and plaster.

Unless we can generate more funds, we will have to lose our Minister and/or shut down within 5 years.
If you care about the Chapel and see it as a valuable part of the village as a resource and community venue, please think of ways in which you can help us continue to function.

We are holding many different events, which we hope will be of interest to you, so please look at our website.

However, we also need your help. Donations (particularly those that can be gift aided) are very welcome. Remember us in your wills! Hold an event! Attend our fundraising efforts.
Together we can save his wonderful community resource.
Thank- you

All are invited to our Services and Social events, a warm welcome awaits you.
Fionnaigh can be contacted on 01763 852883

Please let her know if anyone is housebound or ill, and would like a visit.

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