The idea of a community orchard came in spring 2018 when Charles Paget-Wilkes saw details of an initiative called Orchard East. This was a lottery backed scheme in conjunction with the University of East Anglia to promote the planting of traditional orchards in the region. A public meeting was held in April that year and there was enthusiastic support for such a scheme to go ahead.

The Site

The orchard location was selected because of its size and convenient access as well as the existence of mature trees which give some protection from severe weather. The land is owned by the church and is leased by the Parish Council.



In the past the field was used as pasture together with the field which became the site of the village school in 1974. For a number of years it has been managed by the Parish Council as a hay meadow.

This aerial photo was taken in 1957

Planting the trees

The total number of trees is 114. Of those, 94 were planted on 19 December 2020 and the remainder were added when available from the nursery. Initial preparation work to prepare the site and tree planting was all carried out by volunteers with the added challenges of compliance with guidelines for the Covid 19 pandemic.


First working party 29 August 2020

clearing scrub on 29 august 2020

Clearing scrub on 29 August 2020

16 december 2020 tree planting

16 December 2020 tree planting

tree planting

The final tree was planted by children from the village school on 8 December 2021

Selection of trees

The varieties were all selected by Charles Paget-Wilkes in conjunction with Dr Paul Read at the University of East Anglia. They are a selection of apples, pears, plums, damsons and
gages, all chosen for their suitability in this location and to give a wide range of types and harvesting dates. The rootstock was chosen to ensure that the trees will grow to a medium size.

selection trees

Video taken after planting on 16 December 2020

A drone video of the orchard was taken by Tom Orsino-Allen just after the main planting was completed.

Layout plan

The trees have been arranged in a quincunx pattern and each tree has a letter to identify the row and a number like theatre seating. There is a plan located by the entrance from the Craft to enable trees to be located.

layout plan

Signage and seating

The oak seat was made by Peter Furmston and was installed in January 2021. The two entrance signs were carved in oak by Andrew Tanser and these were installed in May 2021.

signage and seating
orchard keepers

Orchard Keepers

In order to provide continuity of management of the orchard a team of orchard keepers are appointed and recorded by the Parish Council. The initial team of orchard keepers comprise Charles Paget-Wilkes, Ron Newman, Ian Thomas, Colin Beales, Trevor Osborne and Kath and Dennis Tear.


Although Orchard East have funded about half of the trees it was necessary to raise funds for the remainder and the posts and guards. A number of people generously offered to support this and it was therefore decided to invite sponsorship. This was very successful and all of the trees were sponsored.

Trees planted in 2020 (unless shown)SPONSOR
A1AppleHarry M Jersey (cider)Peter & Christine Furmston
A2AppleHarry M Jersey (cider)Cormac Hosie
A3AppleHarry M Jersey (cider)David Grant
A4AppleEgremont RussetCarole Cleaver
A5AppleEgremont RussetThomas family
A6AppleEgremont RussetRachel Tanser
A7AppleAshmead’s KernelGeorgina Boost – for Brooker Lawman
A8AppleAshmead’s KernelKevin Dellar – in memory of Derek Dellar
A9AppleAshmead’s KernelMichael Walker
A10PlumHermanGraham Walker
A11PlumHermanLesley & John Harrison
A12PlumHermanGilly & Peter Neill
A13PlumJubileeGeorgina Boost – for Jessica Gore
A14PlumJubileeSheila and Ron Watson
A15PlumJubileePhil Porter
A16DamsonMerryweatherJane and Bob Davis
A17DamsonMerryweatherPaul Merryweather
A18DamsonMerryweatherSandra Merryweather
B1AppleTydeman’s LateGeorgina Boost – for Ernest Gore
B2AppleTydeman’s LateSheila and Ron Watson
B3AppleTydeman’s LateDavid Grant
B4AppleBramley Original Mary Grimsey
B5AppleBramley Original Thomas Family
B6AppleBramley Original Sheila & Ron Walker
B7AppleNewton WonderMaura Hosie – for Sarah Dillon
B8AppleNewton WonderMaura Hosie – for Annette Dillon
B9PlumMarjorie’s SeedlingBuddy Mills
B10PlumMarjorie’s SeedlingHoward and Pauline Robbins
B11PlumMarjorie’s SeedlingHoward and Pauline Robbins
B12PlumOpalJames Wickens
B13PlumOpalJanet and Kevin Tynan
B14PlumOpalLina and Tom Orsino-Allen
B15DamsonFarleighAnne Beadman
B16DamsonFarleighAndrew & Rachel Tanser
B17DamsonFarleighRod Ward
C1AppleJames GreiveMike Birrel
C2AppleJames GreiveAlec Porter – for Joshua Gilmore
C3AppleJames GreiveAlec Porter – for Florence Gilmore
C4AppleBlenheim OrangeChris Osborne
C5AppleBlenheim OrangeThe Johnston family
C6AppleBlenheim OrangeMaura Hosie
C7AppleEllison’s OrangeRichard & Jill Kirbyshire – for Maud Law
C8AppleEllison’s OrangeJoanne Walker
C9AppleAnnie ElizabethVicky Furnival-Adams
C10AppleAnnie ElizabethDavid & Margaret McKee
C11AppleAnnie ElizabethRita Dellar – in memory of Geoff and Pete
C12PlumRiver’s Early ProlificGeoff & Yvonne Harper
C13PlumRiver’s Early ProlificGrant Hosie
C14PlumRiver’s Early ProlificColin & Sarah Beales
C15DamsonShropshire PruneRob Burke
C16GageWillinghamTrudie Woodhall
C17GageOld Green GageLinda Hipgrave – for Vera and Chuck
C18GageDenniston’s SuperbRod Ward
D1AppleWorcester PearmainPat Holroyd
D2AppleWorcester PearmainSharpe family
D3AppleWorcester PearmainSharpe family
D4AppleLaxton’s FortuneMax Davis-Roach
D5AppleLaxton’s FortuneDavid Grant
D6AppleLaxton’s FortuneLana Webb
D7AppleEllison’s OrangeOliver Webb – Newfoundland
D8AppleOrleans ReinetteJean Christie – for Iona
D9AppleOrleans ReinetteMartin Smith
D10AppleOrleans ReinetteJustine Smith
D11AppleNewton WonderMartin & Justine Smith – for James Smith
D12PlumGiant PruneMartin & Justine Smith – for Michael Smith
D13PlumGiant PruneMartin & Justine Smith – for Ann Kemp
D14PlumGiant PruneMartin & Justine Smith – for Michael Kemp
D15GageWillinghamMartin & Justine Smith – for Louise Oakley
D16GageOld Green GageClaudia and Tom Spencer
D17GageDenniston’s SuperbMicki & Tim Browning
E1AppleFiestaSharpe family
E2AppleFiestaSharpe family
E3AppleFiestaMilly Webb
E4AppleDiscoveryPete Goodwin – in memory of Diane
E5AppleDiscoveryRose Webb
E6AppleBeauty of BathLee and Fiona Davis
E7AppleParadice GoldSara & Nigel Goater
E8AppleParadice GoldKathy and DennisTear
E9AppleParadice GoldRichard & Jill Kirbyshire – for Roland Rogers
E10GageWillinghamArkwright family
E11GageOld Green GageGillian Stevenson
E12GageDenniston’s SuperbWatkins family
F1AppleKingston Black (cider)Thomas family
F2AppleKingston Black (cider)Richard & Jill Kirbyshire – in memory of Fred and Ellen Kirbyshire
F3AppleKingston Black (cider)David Grant
F4AppleGolden Noble (2021)Charles Paget-Wilkes
F5AppleGolden Noble (2021)Maggie Paget-Wilkes
F6AppleRed FalstaffGary McCulloch
F7AppleRed FalstaffMarley-Rose Webb – Newfoundland
F8AppleRed FalstaffTim Bartlett
F9AppleSturmer Pippin (2021)Rita Dellar in memory of Jan Dellar
G1PearBlack WorcesterDavid & Margaret McKee
G2AppleGolden Noble (2021)Isadora Carlomagno Crastequini
G3AppleElstar (2021)Ray Thompson – in memory of Violet Thompson
G4AppleElstar (2021)Ray Thompson – in memory of Cyril Thompson
G5AppleElstar (2021)Guilden Morden School
G6AppleSt Edmund’s RussetThe Kelly family in memory of Daisy
G7AppleSt Edmund’s RussetPeter and Anne Allen
G8AppleSt Edmund’s RussetTeri Bartlett
G9AppleSturmer Pippin (2021)Alex Wilkinson
H1PearBlack WorcesterScott Davis-Roach
H2PearConcordeAlec Porter
H3PearWilliamsJo Osborne
H4PearWilliamsWilliam and Emma Allen
H5PearDoyenne du ComiceCarole Cleaver
H6PearDoyenne du ComiceBrigstocke family
H7PearDoyenne du ComiceHoward and Pauline Robbins
H8AppleSturmer Pippin (2021)Ron Newman
J1PearConcordeGeoff & Yvonne Harper
J2PearConcordeJohn & Debbie Shepherd
J3PearWilliamsLee & Fiona Davis
J4PearBuerre HardyBarbara Hodson – in memory of Margaret & David Law
J5PearBuerre HardyYvette Woodley – in memory of James Woodley
J6PearBlack WorcesterYvette Woodley – in memory of Mick Woodley

Progress photos and updates

drone picture

Drone picture taken by Michael Smith May 2021