Guilden Morden Church of England Primary Academy is a small church school which is very much at the heart of the local community. Visits are most welcome.

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Guilden Morden COE Primary school events

Christmas Christingle

christinglechurchAll of the children attended at Church with Canon Williams for our Christmas Christingle, which is a joyful celebration to bring communities together. Everyone decorated their symbolic oranges at school beforehand with candles. The orange represents the world, red tape or ribbon symbolises the love and blood of Christ, the candle which should be lit represents Jesus’s light in the world bringing hope to people living in darkness and the sweets and dried fruit represents all of God’s creations.

Tree Planting

Guilden Morden Community invited the children to be part of their community tree planting in the orchard at the back of the school. Despite the cold weather, our Voice and Values Team were involved in planting one of the many trees within the orchard. The orchard planting is a great project that will hopefully last for years whilst we watch the trees grow.

Santa Dash

Our South Cambs School Sports Partnership organised a national event for all primary schools to participate in a ‘Santa Dash’. Our children did an amazing fun run in the sun today, running around the field 5-6 times which also involved the challenges of an obstacle course. Everyone did really well with lots of laughter.