All documents below have been reviewed and updated where needed in relation to re-opening the Village Hall on 17th May 2021.

The Special Conditions (shown in the 1st attachment below) currently apply in addition to the standard Terms & Conditions of hire.

Please read all these documents carefully and either circulate the link to this page or copies of anything which is particularly pertinent to all members of your group.  Note that the person making the hire booking is responsible for ensuring all attendees of an event comply with the rules currently in place.


Further guidance on social distancing and vulnerable people can be found by following the below links:

If you have any other questions please contact the Village Hall Management Committee via



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Download: GMVH - Special Conditions of Hire (1.9.20) (0 bytes) Download: *** IMPORTANT - COVID Secure Guidelines (Poster) (0 bytes) Download: *** IMPORTANT - If You Become Unwell At The Hall (Poster) (0 bytes) Download: COVID-19 Risk Assessment - GMVH (25.8.20) (0 bytes) Download: Reopening Actions List - GMVH (7.9.20) (0 bytes) Download: GMVH Caretaking Duties (7.9.20) (0 bytes) Download: Village Hall Layout (with Covid Additions) (0 bytes) Download: Example Risk Assessment for Hall Hirers (v5) (0 bytes) Download: Exercise & Sport (17.8.20) (0 bytes) Download: Catch It - Bin It - Kill It (Poster) (0 bytes) Download: Staying COVID-19 Secure (Poster) (0 bytes)