October 2019

Please the report from our recent Ofsted Inspection here (in PDF format).

We are really proud to say that we have achieved a ‘Good’ in all areas.  This is the highest grade we could have expected to receive at this time, and it has been achieved under the new Ofsted framework, which has more challenging expectations than the previous one!

This is a fantastic result for the School and for the Community.   It is also a true reflection on the standard of teaching, behaviour and well-being of the children, together with the skills of the leadership team.  This result has been achieved with a huge amount of support and effort from DEMAT, the Head Teacher, all of the Staff, Children and Volunteers, the Governing Body and of course your support as Parents and Guardians and others within the Community.

On behalf of Mr Fisher and the Governors we would like to thank everyone and will be announcing a celebration event after half term.

Guilden Morden Primary Academy is a ‘Good’ School.

Headteacher: Jeremy Fisher
Tel: 01763 852318

Chair of Governors: Mark Robinson

The school  is now a DEMAT school, no longer local authority controlled (since 1st November 2016).

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Old School 1849

Old School 1849 – note the “join” (between chimneys) showing the extension made in 1870 with the advent of universal primary education

[Note the name of the witness at the end of document]

I CHARLES PHILIP YORKE Earl of Hardwicke of Wimpole Park in the County of Cambridge…DO hereby freely and voluntarily… grant and convey unto the Vicar and Churchwardens of the Parish of Guilden Morden ALL THOSE premises containing one rood and bounded on the North West by the Town street on the South East and South West by the Field belonging to me and on the North East by the Field belonging to Mary Ann Clark … And upon trust to permit the said premises and all buildings thereon erected … to be for ever hereafter used as and for a School for the Education of Children and Adults of the Labouring Manufacturing and other classes…which said School shall always be in union with and conducted according to the principles … of the National Society for promoting the education of the poor in the principles of the Established Church And further that the said School shall be open to the inspection of the Inspectors appointed… the Vicar shall have the superintendence of the moral and religious instruction of the Scholars … the management direction control and government of the said School and of the funds… thereof and the selection appointment and dismissal of the Schoolmaster and Schoolmistress and their assistants shall be vested in and exercised by a Committee consisting of the Vicar and of six other persons of whom the following shall be the first appointed (namely) The Right Honourable the Earl of Hardwicke, The Master of Catherine Hall, Cambridge, Montford Strickland, Joseph Westrope, Frederick Butterfield and Richard Bowman all aforesaid Yeoman… being members of the Church of England……

IN WITNESS whereof the said Charles Philip Yorke Earl of Hardwicke hath hereunto affixed his hand and seal this 3rd day of October in the year of our Lord

Robert Merry Vicar  [of Guilden Morden]

SIGNED SEALED and DELIVERED… in the presence of
B. Disraeli, M.P. for Bucks.

List of Head Teachers, Masters and Mistresses

1851 William & Mary Messer
1861 John & Lucy Gossage
1873 Miss Amelia Neath
1879 Miss Hannah Fowler
1883 Miss Frances Bradley
1888 unknown
1890 John Smith
1893 Miss Agnes E. Hall.
1894 Miss E. S. Thompson
1895 Mrs Emily Allen
1904 Robert Allen
1923 John Fazakerley
1925 E. W. Edwards
1930 Miss Grove
1939 Miss K. Pullen (Mrs Kershaw)
1945 Miss Williams
1949 Miss Ivy Hughes
1959 Miss Eleanor Clark
1966 John Longworth
1974 Mrs Malmstrom (Temporary)
1974 Miss Margaret Bennett
1990 Ray Bell (Temporary)
1991 Simon Windmill
1995 Mrs Hilary Williams
1998 Mrs Julie Burden
2002 Mrs Susan Arnold
2008 Mrs Judy Major

Pupils 1891

Pupils 1891



Schoolchildren's names

Schoolchildren’s names