This page is devoted to the queries from people who have had a connection with Guilden Morden, and wish to make contact with old friends or to fill in gaps in their family history. To email the person concerned, click on the highlighted name at the end of the message.

06.03.2020 From Teresa Eckford

My great-great-grandfather, Jesse George Barlow was born in Guilden Morden in 1841. He moved to London, but much later, after his death, my great-great-grandmother Caroline (née Lawley) married John Briant and they moved to Guilden Morden, where they’re recorded in 1911 living at 60 Church Street (Avenell Terrace Cottages).

After Caroline’s death, her daughter (also Caroline), moved to GM with her husband, George Tidy. The address for them in 1939 was Council Houses, Ashwell Road.

I realize there’s little chance anyone would remember this family, but just in case, I thought I’d ask here. Please feel free to email me. I live in Canada, so can’t do on-location research. Any old photos would also be gratefully received.

Contact: Teresa Eckford


28.08.2016 From Amanda Smuts

I would love to hear from anyone researching the Yarrow, Worboys, Pettengell or Flint families. I have been getting together birth, marriage and death certificates of my ancestors where possible but would absolutely love to add photographs to the story.
It seems that the first family event in the parish was in 1769 where Elizabeth Bates (1740 – 1784) and Edward Yarrow (Garral) had twins called Elizabeth and Thomas.
If there are any living members of the Yarrow, Pettengell, Wood, or Flint family on this forum I would love to hear from you.

Contact: Amanda Smuts


25.10.2012 From Carole Garstang

I am researching my family tree – Gt Gt Gt Grandfather Tempest Leete used to own Cold Harbour Farm until his death in 1861. I have been looking for any old photos of the farm as it was in the past -can anyone help in this matter? Any information would be appreciated.

Contact: Carole Garstang


19.08.2012 From David Webster

Further to my search for William Clark in Guilden Morden. In the 1841 Guilden Morden censuses I found 17 people with the name of Clark, so it is highly likely that they are related. In my previous post dated 03/02/2011, I said that I had not found the name of his wife. Her maiden name was Maria Bonfield and there are references in the censuses for them in Guilden Morden. According to the censuses Maria was born in Graveley Northamptonshire about 1803, the same time as William. So far I have not been able to find birth or marriage records for them. The only record I have found is for the death of William in 1881 in Doncaster Yorkshire, he was a widower and resided in the workhouse. He spent most of his working life working on the building of the railways in several counties.

Contact: David Webster


23.03.2012 From Catherine Bostock

My parents Danny and Kathleen Bostock (originally from Leigh, Lancashire) moved to Guilden Morden in 1950 and lived in the village until 1958 when they returned up north. I was born in December 1953. My Uncle Bernard(Unsworth) worked in the bakehouse and he and my Auntie Mary, along with my cousins Bernard and Tricia, lived in the house adjoining the bakery.
Unfortunately my parents have passed away (Kathleen in 2009 and Danny in August 2011; as have Uncle Bernard and Auntie Mary). I have not visited the village since I was young but intend to do so, hopefully some time this year, along with Bernard. Meanwhile, it would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers our family.

Regards, Catherine Bostock. (Tel: 07415 798477)

Contact: Catherine Bostock


10.02.2012 From Penny Ellwood

Hello I am researching my family tree, and would like to know if anybody has information on my great great grandfather William Worboys born 1850 and also my great grandfather Reuben Worboys born 1877.
I would be most grateful for any information. I look forward to hearing from you.
Penny Elwood  (formerly Worboys)

Contact: Penny Ellwood


25.11.2011 From John Lane

I am looking at my family tree and find that a number of them came from Guilden Morden. The name is Yarrow, and the address in the 1871 and 1861 census was Church street.
I would be most grateful to hear from anyone who has any information on the family.
John Lane

Contact: John Lane


27.07.2011 From Roger Parker

I am trying to trace 2 relatives (2nd Cousins) who it has been suggested may be living in your Parish. The woman whose name was as mine, Parker and is obviously different if married but had a brother Trevor which should be the same as mine. I have been given an address of 5 or 57 High St Guilden Morden but they were rather uncertain about it being correct as it was some time ago.
I know their parents lived in Upper Caldecote but have been told they died in the early 2000’s.
There is no problem concerning my attempting to contact them. If they or anyone wishes to contact me my Telephone No. is 01234 743108.

Thank you for your help


Roger Parker

Contact: Roger Parker


10.07.2011 From Neville Cole

Dear Sirs,
I have Worboys blood circulating my body. My late mother, Madge, was a Worboys, born at the Laurels in Comberton, the family farm. Daughter
of Joseph and Emma Worboys, She had a sister Gwendoline. I was born and lived in Haslingfield until a move to southwest France a decade ago. I have recently discovered a Worboys near Bayonne, the foothills of the Pyrenees. Interestingly this Worboys brews beer commercially, and I know that the family in past times brewed in Guilden Morden, and delivered locally. I would welcome evidence that there is a genetic connection, to make a visit that bit
more special. The Worboys were, I understood, prolific, so a branch beyond south Cambridgeshire quite possible. I remember one of the family farms in Guilden Morden was North Brook End.
Thanks for taking time to read this, and I look forward to hearing soon.
Yours sincerely,
Neville James Cole.

Contact: Neville Cole


26.06.2011 From Sheila Woodbridge

I was an evacuee staying with May and Bert Seymour at 1 Avenell Terrace Guilden Morden, from 1939, I often wondered what became of their son who
was just a small boy during WW11, can anyone help please?

Contact: Sheila Woodbridge


08.06.2011 From E. John Williams

I am researching my family tree and I have found I descend from the Pettengell family who resided in Guilden Morden at least from the late 1700’s early 1800’s, indeed I have photographs taken of the family in Guilden Morden at about the turn of the century from 1890 onwards, some are studio photgraphs taken at Royston.
Little did I know how my family would move around the country and that eventually I would come home to roost as it were very close to where my ancestors were born. I live in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and keep my touring caravan at a site in Comberton, Cambridgshire.
During this month I will be spending a few days in Comberton and would like to take the opportunity to visit Guilden Morden armed with my records and photographs. I would like to see if one of my relatives house is still standing in the high street as well as visit the cemetry, I know at least one of my ancestors had a pub which I believe was in Guilden Morden but do not know which one.
Mind you at the end of the day as I am retired I suppose I could fit another day and come up from home, it would be nice to meet some one who knows the ground. Hope I am not being too much of a pain and look forward to your response.
E. John Williams.

Contact:  E. John Williams


31.03.2011 From Keith Daniells

During the 2nd week of May I will be spending some time in Guilden Morden to try and locate any houses in Main St that my ancestors (Conder) lived in from around 1790 through to the early 1900s. I have been ‘reading’ the census taken from 1841 through to 1901 to try and locate any potential houses. My problem is locating what was actually Main St during the 1800s as it appears that part of it has been renamed Ashwell Rd and Pound Green.
Is it possible to find out what actually constituted Main St in 1871.
With thanks,
Keith Daniells.

Contact: Keith Daniells


15.03.2011 From Fergus Holmes-Field

Hello, I contact you on behalf of my Mother, Margaret McClean, who was an evacuee to GM in WW2.  She would love to try to find some of her old friends from the village, and she now lives in Lincolnshire.  She was lodged with the Lindsey family bakers based in Royston, and in fact still has contact with her “adopted” sisters.
I see there was a reunion in 2009 and a photograph.  Is it possible to get a copy sent to my Mother, along with the list of people that did attend?
Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

Contact: Fergus Holmes-Field (now resident in Spain)


08.02.2011 From Denise Raindle (nee Wingrove)

Hi can anybody help me with my connections with the Newell family. Ater a very long time I found that my paternal gt.grandmother Mary Ann Wingrove
died at her daughter’s home in Guilden Morden on 20th September 1875 and I understand that she is buried in St Mary’s Church. Her daughter was Mary
Ann Newell nee: Wingrove and she married William Newell, Blacksmith on 22nd November 1858 in London and that their children were born in Guilden

I know by the census that in 1881 the family lived in the Six Bells where William was Blacksmith & Publican and in 1891 census Mary Ann
was a widow and Publican. Is there any info on the pub or about the Blacksmith? Does anybody know if there is a gravestone or maybe a family grave? Is there anybody who has a connection with the family and can tell me a bit more about their background or help me with some photos of the pub or anything of family connections. May be there are some Newells still in the village. I would be very grateful for any information or help anybody can give to me.

Yours hopefully
Denise Raindle nee: Wingrove

Contact: Denise Raindle


03.02.2011 From David Webster:

I have traced my ancestry to Guilden Morden through my Maternal Grandmother and would appreciate any information you can give me about the family of William Clark my 3rd Great Grandfather, born 1803 in Guilden Morden. He moved to Doncaster, Yorkshire and was married (Wife’s name unknown as yet)
his daughter Sarah married George Pinshon, their son Arthur William Pinshon born 1868 in Doncaster married Mary Pollie Smith in St Helens Lancashire in
1890 and their Daughter was my Maternal Gandmother born 1891 in St Helens Lancashire.

Someone on the website was asking for information and mentioned the name Webster, but I don’t think there is any relationship to my family.
The name is quite common, as it means “Weaver” linked to an occupation. Some of my ancestors were silk and cotton weavers.

Contact David Webster


10.05.2010 Randall/Webster
Herbert Randall, born: 1879 in Guilden Morden, Cambs., a horsekeeper on a farm.
Married in 1904 to Mary Ann Barnard who was born 1888 in Melbourn, Cambs.
They had three children, Reginald Randall, born: 1905, Quendolene Ena Randall, born: 1907 and Frederick Randall, born 1910.
Mary Ann Randall (nee Barnard) died in 1911 and is buried in the Guilden Morden Graveyard, Chapel Section.
Herbert Randall married Emma Webster, born 1872 in Bassingbourn, Cambs., in 1913.
Emma Webster had had a boy Frederick Ernest Webster, born 1911 in Royston, who apparently worked at Westbury Farm, West End, Ashwell as a labourer. In 1933 he was living at 21 Council Cottages Ashwell; later we find on his marriage certificate in 1938 that he is living in Bedford.
Herbert and Emma Randall had twins in 1913, Herbert Randall and Emma Randall, but sadly they did not survive,they were buried in Guilden Morden Graveyard, Chapel Section.
Beatrice Randall was born in 1915, baptised in the Congregational Chapel, Guilden Morden.
I believe Herbert Randall may have died in 1930 in Cambridge.
Beatrice Randall married Charles J. Daniels in 1936 in Bedford.
Did any of your parents leave letters or other records about school days which include these names ?
Are there any School records available for 1915 – 1929 ?
Any help would be much appreciated.
Contact: Herbert Norris


05.05.2010 Hello Guilden Morden!
I wonder if anyone can help me with some family history research, as i have hit a bit of a brick wall. I am trying to find out more about my ancestor JOHN DIX –  born in Guilden Morden in about 1730. I don’t know when and where he died  – perhaps he can be found in a local church yard?
He married a lady called Tabitha Leete and i have lots of information on her family, but none on Husband John. I would be so glad to hear from anyone who knows anything about him or his family.
Best Wishes  Jan Pusey  – Yorkshire.
Contact: Jan Pusey


23.02.2010 As I have written before, I’m researching the past of Guilden Morden parish (also Ashwell, Potton and other nearby places), especially in regard to some Worboys,
I am descended, on one line, via gt-gt-grandmother Augusta Worboys, from what appears (as best known so far) to have been the first family of Worboys to have come to Australia.
I have used the English census series to find where Augusta, dad, mum and siblings lived before they set off for Australia. It turned out to be “Green Nob Lane” and the place listed proximally in the census was Green Lane Street, at or near Little Green.
I then used the British ordnance maps to scan for any Green Nob.
Didn’t find one but I did find a “Green Knoll Barn” which I suspect sits on the ‘Green Nob’ and that it is now called Green Knoll.
I really only have Google Earth and the Internet to go on, but it looks like there are, or were, dozens of white sheep around the barn, and some fowl yards a little further north along the lane leading to the former Little Green hamlet.
My cousin Raymond Johnson hopes to go there and visit the place on the ground, possibly this May upcoming.

In previous emails I’ve enquired for anyone else who is interest in the past or in natural history which is another of my interests – and I have also used your ‘appeal for info’ webpage to try and get anyone to contact me (re Worboys).
So far I haven’t found anyone interested much in natural history or general history but I did get a letter from Cynthia Worboys and hopefully Cousin
Raymond will be visiting her and maybe other local Worboys too .. it seems there are about eight Worboys living today in the parish.

Does England have HERITAGE LISTING, please?

It looks to me that Green Knoll Barn has likely been there a long time and would be a heritage item.

As for Little Green hamlet where Augusta and family likely lived I understand it has almost completely disappeared and that only one of the original cottages survives, now named Thatchway.  I’ve obtained what little I so far know about Little Green from the lady now living there – Dawn Cranmer who runs a pets holiday home.
It seems that Little Green once consisted of 15-20 dwellings, with one of them a Pub thought to have been called ‘The Pear Tree’.
The place probably reached its maximum size “when the Irish workers came over to surface mine the Coprolites”, says Dawn.
After the coprolite boom I guess it just probably faded away – for no ‘particular’ reason?
I understand it was reduced to having just three of the original houses left by the 1970s.
Dawn also advises that the earlier farm cottages between Thatchways and Potton Road were tied to a farm called Rectory Farm.

I am thinking of putting some of this again at your info-seeking webpage .. to try and find more .. and to this time ask specifically for people
interested in Little Green.   At the time of my first entry on your webpage I did not know about Little Green at all.

Or maybe my earlier/existing entry can just be edited/modified?

Yours sincerely,

John Byrnes

LachlanHunter Associates
(Geological,archaeological,historical interests)

P.O. Box 121,



05.01.2010 Hi!  Just wondering if anyone can help me?  I am researching my family tree and am particularly interested in the Yarrow family who lived in or around Guilden Morden up until approximately 1852 when Charles Yarrow emigrated to Australia.  I would like any information on the following: John Yarrow (b. approx 1799 d. approx 1856) and his family.  I would really, really like pictures of family headstones etc – as I live on a cattle station in Central Australia I am unlikely to get to England anytime soon do take them myself.

Contact: Gillian Fennell


03.11.2009 I’m interested in the past of the Mordens/Ashwell district and would like to search for any others keen to share information on this.
I have ancestors, Worboys, from GM who were possibly the first Worboys to come to Australia(?). I would like to hear from anyone interested in Guilden Morden’s past – especially natural history; and also like to hear from any Worboys of the area.

Contact: John Graham Byrnes (Geological,archaeological,historical interests)


21.09.2009 I would like to say thank you so very, very much to everyone who greeted us on Saturday with such a warm welcome that it felt like coming home.  The efforts that you made in providing such a wonderful tea were very much appreciated (not to mention the “doggy bags”!)  I would like to say a
special thank you to Doreen and Cynthia who greeted us and gave us a guided tour of the village, pointing out the changes.  The village may have changed, but your warm hearts, certainly haven’t.  We will not lose touch again and I will advertise in the Evacuees Reunited Magazine for other evacuees and perhaps we can reunite next year.  Again, from all of us, THANK YOU. From Peggy Lucas (see message 24.07.2009)


08.09.2009  My great great grandfather William Webb 1810-1867, great grandfather Frederick Webb 1852-1913, grandfather Harry Webb 1876-?, were all born in Guilden Morden and lived in High Street.   I have seen the “Old and New” photos on your web site and am wondering if you are able to put an approximate date on the old photo of High Street and the old photo of the agriculture workers.
I would very much appreciate any other photos or information you may have that relate to my ancestors. May I compliment you on your web site, its presentation and contents are not only interesting and informing, but it also leaves the reader with a very positive impression of your village and residents.

Contact: Helen Saad


24.07.2009 With my older brother and sister, I was evacuated to Guilden Morden during the war.  We stayed at several places and left to return to London several times.  My sister Ivy and I, at one time, were billeted with the vicar and his daughter.  His name was Llewellyn Price and his daughter, Dorothea (I
think).  I have many memories of “pumping air” for the church organ. My brother now lives in Norfolk and has exchanged Christmas cards with the
Beckett family.  I last visited Guilden Morden  some time after the war (aged about 16).  We are thinking of another visit (about time, don’t you
think?).  If there is anyone who would like to get in touch, would you please pass on my email address.   Many thanks for your help.

Contact Peggy Lucas


18.07.2009 Note from Webmaster: Newspaper article has been published with kind permission of the Royston Crow.

17.07.2009 My name is Colin Chapman and I was born in the village in 1946 and left when I was 16.
I remember a canberra bomber crashed down Trap Lane sometime in the mid 50’s and would like to hear from any one who remembers or has any
information/pictures of it.





09.06.2009 Note from Webmaster: Replies have been received by both of the people below. 

02.06.2009 My name is John Rowland and I am trying to find out about my Great Grandfather Simeon Rowland who lived in Guilden Morden between 1850 and 1922 and who I believe was involved with the Congregational Church there.
I would very much appreciate it if you could put me in touch with someone who may be able to help or advise who I would be best to contact. Thankyou
in advance for any help you may be able to give me. Contact John Rowland


04.03.2009 My name is Bob Gill, I’ve lived in Australia for many years, round about the 1960s I played soccer for Guilden Morden and we won a football league title in the North Herts football. I think at the time there was a photo in the village hall that was taken of the team.
I was wondering if it was still about somewhere or someone has one or remembers me like one of the old players who might be still about. John Dellar, Lou Barrett, George Jones, Peter Thompson, Ginger Minott, Ben Seaby were some of the players. Hoping you can help. Thank you.  Contact Bob Gill